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Technical Development Trends and Directions of Transformers in China
Author:ilander 2021-05-11

With the development of China's electronic industry, the electronic transformer industry has made great progress, especially in the past 20 years, the rapid advancement of science and technology, the wide application of electronic technology in various fields, the growing demand for consumer electronics products for electronic users, as electronic transformers The development of the industry has brought unlimited vitality.

"There is a transformer with electricity." With the continuous enrichment of electronic products, the prospects for the electronic transformer industry will be even brighter. In the future, analysis of oil-immersed transformers The electronic transformer industry in China will present the following development trends:

  First, institutional reforms have deepened economic growth.

With the further implementation of the state’s policies to encourage and support the non-public ownership economy, non-public ownership enterprises have emerged and have shown rapid growth. These companies have led the industry’s technological advancement, broadened sales channels, promoted market prosperity, and enhanced the industry’s economy. vitality.

  Second, the growth of foreign exchange through exports has promoted the strengthening of corporate management.

After China’s accession to the WTO, the international market for electronic transformers is basically in a stable state. In 2007, the export value of electronic transformers was around US$1.3 billion. During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, electronic transformer exports will increase, and it is expected to reach US$2 billion. Will continue to maintain a surplus. Export foreign exchange requires companies to implement green environmental regulations and manufacture "green" products that do not contain harmful substances. The company will speed up the process of "green" process technology, put forward new issues in the application of "green" material parts, improvement of lead-free assembly technology, and implement it.  

  Third, the market economy will promote industrial technological progress.

Electronic transformer enterprises will certainly take the road of technological progress in the future development. Although traditional old products have a market and output, the profit margin is very small, and it is impossible to form a strong competitive power. The main profitability of transformers lies in a new generation of high-end products, the rapid rise of passive integration technology, and mini-chips The comprehensive upgrading of machine products provides transformer companies with a breakthrough point for achieving leap-forward development.

  Electronic transformer products will gradually move from "traditional" to "new type."

Twenty years ago, electronic transformers were dominated by large, heavy, and thick traditional products. With the development of microelectronics and technological advancement of active devices, the volume of electronic products has been greatly reduced, and the weight has been greatly reduced. The demand for traditional accessory products has dropped by about 50%, and gradually replaced with new types of complementary products. The demand of the market has promoted the development of electronic components and components including electronic transformers to light, thin and small directions. The production process of electronic transformers is undergoing a tremendous transformation. In the past 20 years, electronic transformers have also been developing in the direction of high frequency, low loss, light weight, and small size.